At DMC GALCIA GROUP TRAVEL we promote the transition towards a circular economy, integrating sustainability in the management of all our activities and experiences proposed in our trips.

We include within our trips Corporate Social Responsibility actions with a clear altruistic element where we offer our groups to participate in teamwork experiences that provide a real and positive impact directly linked to local projects. These actions are mainly focused on activities whose objective is the contribution of funds or the donation of material by the client to a specific local foundation or charity. Once we define the type of action that interests the group, the next step is to align it with the company’s sector, its values, its mission and the expectations of its employees.

On the other hand, in all our trips we avoid trips that are not necessary for the programme, we work hand in hand with our local suppliers to achieve the greatest possible energy and recycling savings, we avoid the use of plastics, we promote through gastronomy the culture of our land and the values associated with the rural and marine life of Galicia and we use 100% local products in each and every one of the production materials used, corporate gifts, etc.

More and more groups are joining this formidable new trend in which EVERYONE wins and through which the client manages to build stronger, more committed teams and improve the reputation of the brand in the same movement.