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The 90 minutes walk consists of four stops on the trail. The tour is led by experienced Suso Martinez and takes you on more than 200 years of Irish history in Galicia, from the «Flight of the Earls» of 1602 and the establishment of the St. Patrick College at Santiago de Compostela until 1769. Galicia was known by the gaelic chieftains as the «Mansion of the Milesians» and cradle of the celts, and the Irish College play a fundamental role in the configuration of the resistance and construction of a national catholic identity for Ireland during the period between the Fall of Kinsale (1602) and the Confederation of Kilkeny uprising. You will discover the last Irish refuge after the fall of the gaelic rule in the Emerald island and learn about the important role of chieftains as Bearehaven or Tyrcornnell, bishops, famous soldier-poets like Felipe O´Sullivan or disturbing personalities like Patrick Sinnott. And the real identity of «El Zorro», old pupil of the College.

Venues to visit:

  1. St. Patrick College. Remainds from the XVIIth Century where stands out the statue of the Patron of Ireland
  2. University of Santiago de Compostela. Outside
  3. Cathedral of St. James. Pantheon of the Irish bishops at the Chapel of Relics
  4. Praza do Obradoiro and Rúa das Hortas

Cost: 20 euros per adult

All «Irish Walk» meets at the St. Patrick College at Santiago de Compostela (Rúa Nova, 44. 15705 Santiago de Compostela)

Tour may be rescheduled due to weather conditions or if the guide determines there is a safety issue. Confortable walking shoes were recomended.